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About Carmelle

Hi! I'm Carmelle!

This is the page where I'm meant to tell you a little about me so, for those that like the short version, here goes...

  • I hold 3 advance diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine

  • I am a qualified personal trainer

  • I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

  • I am qualified in iridology, homeopathy and flower essences as well

  • I don't always eat well

  • I'm a single mum of 2 boys

  • I got into this profession through my own health struggles

  • I absolutely LOVE what I do!

  • My happy place is at the beach at sunset


For those that want a more detailed version...

I have always loved health and fitness so after qualifying as a personal trainer, many moons ago, I decided to study nutrition at university as this was a particular interest of mine. Plus, I love food! However, after receiving my acceptance letter, I pulled out. I didn't know why at the time but something just didn't sit right with me about the nutrition information that was being given. Low fat this, reduced calorie that. It just didn't seem right.

Fast forward nearly 15 years, and a chance encounter with a naturopath, I found my calling. See, I've always had my own health problems (like many of my colleagues... it seems to be the path into the natural health world). I have visited countless doctors, had numerous tests, been put on everything from antidepressants to HRT, seen other naturopaths who have just loaded me up with expensive supplements but still, my health remained the same. Until this one naturopath altered my diet. It wasn't that my diet was particularly bad, but there were foods that weren't agreeing with me. That made the biggest difference so far!

That was when I found what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, after years of study and many clinic hours, I graduated with three advanced diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine and now work with people, like yourself, to live a better more vibrant life.

How about seeing what I can do for you?...

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