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Control Alt Delete - Reboot 

Ever wanted to press the "control alt delete" buttons and reset your system?

Now's your chance!

I'm about to launch a brand new program doing just that! We're kicking off on January 14th!

See, I get it. I make bad choices too sometimes. But then sometimes turns into most times, and most times... well, we all know how that goes. But it doesn't have to stay that way! Today is a new day! A new chance to start making better choices. And I know it can be overwhelming! That's where I come in!
This program is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed, unhealthy and unmotivated to confident and in control. 
It's about removing the guilt from what has been or what is and replacing it with the joy and knowledge of doing the right thing the majority of the time. I mean come on, this is life after all! We can't all be saints! 
It's about guiding you to make:
  • better food choices
  • better drink choices
  • better water intake
  • better exercise
  • better stress management
  • better self care
  • and to make it easy!
So, how am I going to do that? Well, that's where the "Control Alt Delete" part comes in! First, we're going to do a gut cleanse for 2 weeks. This is a reset on your digestive system. This is to help get rid of all the overgrowth of bacteria that are causing the bloating, the farting, the uncomfortable feelings. It's about nourishing the liver and giving it a little support to help get rid of the crap that's inside us.
What's involved??? Well, I won't lie, some people will find this the hardest part but keep in mind, this bit is only 2 WEEKS!!! That's all! And I will be here every step of the way! 
This part of the program requires you to be on a "specific carbohydrate diet". That doesn't mean a "high carb or low carb" diet. It's a diet where specific foods are excluded to starve off the bacteria while we're clearing them out. Some people will find this restrictive BUT, I have written up a 2 week meal plan that comes with shopping lists, recipes, a list of the foods to eat & avoid, and a bonus snack & drink ebook that's all diet ready plus your supplements will be delivered to your door so you don't have to think about it! You just have to follow that plan, take the powder that's going to clear out the unnecessary bacteria 3 times per day and 1 capsule a day of a specific probiotic. This will reset your system and we'll have a great baseline to work from to bring in all the healthy habits!!
Then... it's Reboot time! After those 2 weeks, we can reintroduce a lot of the restricted foods. This is where I teach you how to make those healthy choices. Once again, this part of the program will come with a 4 week meal plan (emailed weekly), shopping lists, recipes and me supporting you the whole way. We will focus on a new item each week so as not to overwhelm you with too much information at once! 
So what do you get:
  • a dedicated facebook support group with weekly lives from me, a place to ask questions and support from other rebooters!
  • a 2 week meal plan with shopping lists and recipes for the gut cleanse
  • a bonus snack & drink ebook that's gut cleanse appropriate
  • 2 x ATP Science GutRight powders to take along the way (1 for the cleanse at 3 scoops daily and 1 for the rest of the time to take at 1 scoop daily)
  • 1 x BioCeuticals SB Floractiv to take daily for 30 days
  • a 4 week meal plan with shopping lists and recipes for the reboot
  • 1 x ATP Science Multi Food as the "nutrient insurance policy" (multi-vitamin)
  • and at the end you will feel in control of your choices and your health!!
And just as a bonus... if you pay in full right now... I will send you a 
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