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Metabolic Balance

I see you! You're here because you're desperate to find a better way. You've done a whole heap of diets, your weight has gone up and down over the years (mostly up) and now it seems like no matter what you do it just doesn't budge anymore!

As we age it gets progressively harder for us to lose those stubborn kilo's and if you've yo-yo dieted, it's even harder.

This is why I brought Metabolic Balance into my clinic.

Metabolic Balance is a healthy and most importantly, sustainable weight loss solution. There's no living off shakes or spending hundreds of dollars on supplements each month. It is a science-based nutrition plan built specifically for you from the results of 35 blood markers. This means that no 2 plans are the same. It is designed to balance your own hormones and enzymes to achieve a healthy and balanced metabolism for life.

Metabolic Balance can only be provided by fully qualified naturopathic and/or nutritional practitioners so you can be assured that the guidance you receive comes from an educated professional. Some of the cost is also claimable through BUPA private health insurance. 

Metabolic balance weight loss

My personal journey with metabolic balance! These photos were 2 weeks apart. Loss of 4kg's in that time. 

So what's involved?

First: You book in for a Metabolic Balance® initial consultation. This is a 90 minute consultation where we discuss your medical history, current diet and lifestyle and any health issues you may be struggling with as there are so many things that can impact weight loss. We also take body measurements, weight, height and photos (trust me, I know this sounds terrible but you'll be SO glad you have them when you finish the program! I can promise that!!)

Second: I give you a referral form to take to a pathology clinic to have your fasting blood tests done. The blood tests include thyroid, cholesterol, iron, enzymes and many more. This is included in the cost of the plan. As soon as I get these results I'm able to generate your individualised nutritional plan. This process takes about 1 week.

Third: We have our first of 7 appointments where I present your nutrition plan and we agree on a start date. The plan is divided into 4 phases and I am with you every step of the way. We have an additional 6 appointments over the next 12 weeks and I also invite you to join my private facebook group so you can ask questions, celebrate wins, find support and share new recipes! 

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